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Sgt. Frog, known in Japan as Keroro Gunso (ケロロ軍曹, Keroro Gunsō, lit."Sergeant Keroro"), is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Mine was launched in Monthly Shōnen Ace in April The story follows the attempts of a plato...

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 · Keroro, Air One Way or Somehow Plan! De Arimasu! / Keroro, Being Popolar. De arimasu! Will their new plan ever conquer Pekopon? Copyrights goes to Radekiman3. The Keroro Wiki is a wiki all about Keroro Gunso (Sergeant Keroro), an anime and manga series by Mine Yoshizaki about five Keronians on a mission to conquer Pekopon.. If you want to make a page for your 'Orikero' (a Keronian you made), please keep it off this Wikia and take it to The Orikero Wikia.. When editing, please use proper grammar and spell check to the best of your ability. Stream or Watch Keroro Gunsou free online without advertisements on AnimeVibe | ケロロ軍曹, Keroro Gunsou, ['Sergeant Frog'] Sypnosis: Unsuspecting inhabitants of the planet Earth are going about their business, enjoying a bright and particularly beautiful sunny day, when a young Japanese boy spots a shiny object falling from the sky. Keroro Gunsou # Keroro Gunsou» Keroro Gunsou #26 - Volume 26 released by Kadokawa Shoten on March 25, Summary. Nonton Anime Keroro Gunsou Episode 26 Full Episode Sub Indo Gratis Download Dan Streaming Anime Subtitle Indonesia - Sinopsis Keroro Gunsou Episode The episodes of the Sgt. Frog anime series, also known as Sergeant Keroro and originally titled as Keroro Gunso, is a Japanese television series produced and animated by Sunrise Inc. It first began airing in Japan on the television network TV Tokyo on April 3, , and has since broadcast over episodes, which are normally constituted from two 15 minutes shorts mostly and sometimes one Sergent Keroro /10 0 stemmen Enkel strips met minimaal 10 stemmen krijgen een rangschikking. Vorige Volgende. 26 Tome Uitvergroten Achtercover Scenario: Mine Yoshizaki: Tekeningen: Mine Yoshizaki: Uitgever(s) Kana: Collectie: Big Kana: Jaar: Pagina's: ISBN. Sergeant Keroro (ケロロ軍曹, Keroro Gunsō) is the leader of the Keroro Platoon, evidenced by the leadership star he wears on his belly. He has a green body and wears yellow, Imperial Japanese Army-style headgear with a red star in the middle, symbolizing that he is a leader. The second season of the Sgt. Frog anime series is a compilation of the fifty-two episodes after episode fifty-one from the series, which first aired in Japan from April 1, to March 31, on TV Tokyo.. Season 2 uses two opening themes and two ending themes. "Zenkoku Musekinin Jidai" (全国無責任時代, "era of nationwide irresponsibility") by GaGaGa SP is used as the opening from. Natsumi Hinata (日向 夏美 Hinata Natsumi) is a protagonist in the series Keroro Gunso. She is the sister of Fuyuki Hinata, daughter of Aki Hinata and Haru Hinata, and granddaughter of Akina Hinata. The older sister of Fuyuki Hinata, Natsumi is a kind, vivacious, athletic, popular, outgoing, aggressive, loving teenager whose most notable points are her great athletic abilities and her. Keroro Gunso manga volumes.. Volume 1 - Encounter 1 to Encounter 10 + Keroro Gunso volume 1. ISBN , ISBN (released December 1, ) ; Volume 2 - Encounter 11 to Encounter 20 + omake ISBN , ISBN (released June 28, ) ; Volume 3 - Encounter 21 to Encounter 29 + extra + omake. Page précédente: Bob dylan. 99 razones para amarlo
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