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The contemplative life of nuns, rooted in the silence of the cloister, from its beginnings through a mysterious apostolic fruitfulness enriches the Church of Christ with fruits of grace and mercy.

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Vorgestellt wurde es vom Sekretär der Kongregation, Mons. José Rodríguez Carballo, an diesem Dienstag bei einer Pressekonferenz. Schon der Titel Cor orans („Betendes Herz“), so Kongregationssekretär Carballo, sei ein deutlicher Verweis auf die Apostolische Konstitution, die durch die Instruktion mit Leben gefüllt werden soll. Der Vatikan hat rechtliche Regelungen für kontemplative Frauenorden erlassen, die in der Instruktion der Kongregation für das gottgeweihte Leben mit dem Titel „Cor orans“ (Das betende Herz) zusammengefasst sind. Corazón orante, guardián de gratuidad, riqueza de fecundidad apostólica y de una misteriosa y multiforme santidad, es la vida contemplativa femenina en la Iglesia. Ésta continúa enriqueciendo a la Iglesia de Cristo con frutos de gracia y misericordia. Cor orans’ language, put together with Carballo’s clear messages in his various speeches, has made it unmistakable; this is a purge. And the document is equally clear about its status as a piece of legislation. It isn’t a suggestion; superiors are already reporting receiving messages from Rome, and the existing federations and. Sep 30,  · Rev. Mother Marietta, HPB and Sister Sarah Michael, HPB recently visited the Passionist Nuns of Saint Joseph in Whitesville, KY as a working trip to share resources and discuss ways cloistered communities are implementing the new directives of Cor Orans and more fully embracing the pastoral recommendations in the Apostolic Constitution Vultum Dei Quaerere. May 15,  · The document, “Cor Orans” (“Praying Heart”) is a follow-up instruction on implementing Pope Francis’ document “Vultum Dei Quaerere” (“Seeking the Face of God”), which issued. Indeed, even the Vatican document “Cor Orans” calls contemplative nuns the “praying heart” of the Catholic Church — an acknowledged truth from which the document itself derives its name. However, this document, together with the (so-called). Cor orans constitute a relevant step to the renewal of women monastic life. This study present the characteristics of the Instruction Cor orans inside the set of the canonical regulation of the contemplative life. The four fundamental contents of the document are studied: the monastery autonomy, the federation of monasteries, the separation. Cor orans is an Instruction: an Instruction clarifies and elaborates the prescripts of the law; and/ or determines the methods to be observed in fulfilling them (can. 34 § 1 CJC); it does not derogate (that. We provide below the full text of the Apostolic Constitution Vultum Dei quaerere, "Seeking the face of God", on women's contemplative life, signed by Pope Francis on 29 June , solemnity of the Apostles Sts Peter and document consists of a prologue and five chapters: "Esteem, praise and thanksgiving for consecrated life and cloistered contemplative life; The Church's accompaniment. Cor Orans Implementing Instruction of the Apostolic Constitution Vultum Dei Quaerere, on woman's contemplative life. religious. Instruction: To the Jains on the feast of Mahavir Jayanti Jainism. Message: Final Report on the Apostolic Visitation of Institutes of Women Religious in the United States of America. USA. Page précédente: Operación impensable
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